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Jeudi 23 Octobre 2014 / M2P2

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Séminaire M2P2

Katsunori Yoshimatsu , Associate Professor Université de Nagoya, Japon, "Influence of Vortex Structure and Dynamics on Turbulence Statistics at Large Scales", Jeudi 23 Octobre à 11h, M2P2.

Résumé : We examine the importance or unimportance of the role of vortices in the determination of turbulence statistics, on the basis of the method of the so-called `Computational Surgery’. Two fields, true and false fields, are generated. The true field obeys the Navier-Stokes (NS) equations for an incompressible fluid. In the false field, the NS dynamics are artificially modified so that the intense tube-like vortices are lost. Comparing the two fields, we may get some idea on the role of the vortices. The comparison so far made suggests that the statistics at large-scales are not sensitive to the exact vortex structure and dynamics at smaller scales.