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Jeudi 30 Octobre 2014 / IRPHE

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Séminaire IRPHE

Orateur : Henrik Kalisch

Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen, Norway

Titre : "Mechanical balance laws in dispersive long wave models"

Date et lieu : le Jeudi 30 Octobre 2014 à 14h, IRPHE

Séminaire exceptionnel

Résumé : In this talk, the focus will be on kinematic and dynamic properties of dispersive long wave models, such as the Boussinesq and Serre systems. It will be shown how to obtain expressions for momentum and energy densities and fluxes which are given in terms of the principal dependent variables of these systems : the surface excursion and the horizontal velocity. These mechanical quantities can then be used in the analysis of shoaling, wave breaking, and the propagation of undular bores.