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Mixing Day in Marseille

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Mixing Day in Marseille

Emmanuel Villermaux

Mixing, namely the ensemble of phenomena characteristic of the coupling between molecular diffusion and substrate deformation, is a paradigm of irreversibility.
The lamella description of a mixture (Fig. 1 : Planar cuts through a dispersing, and confined plumes. Mixtures are a set of sheets, possibly aggregating.) offers a powerful tool to understand its structure, and dynamics. A one-day workshop will take place at IRPHE on

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It will be the opportunity to overview the recent advances on the subject both from an experimental, theoretical and numerical point of views, and to discuss the potentialities of the approach for scalar mixing, chemical reactions, or spray evaporation in various instances like random, turbulent flows, porous media, or suspensions.
The event is organized with the support of the Federation Fabri de Peiresc , attendance is free but registration (Elena ROSU is requested.


10:00-10:45 : Le Borgne

The lamellar description of mixing in random mixtures:recent results

10:45-11:30 : Metzger/Souzy/Lhuissier

The kinematics of deformations in dense suspension, implications for mixing

11:30-12:00 : Villermaux/De Rivas

Dense sprays evaporation as a mixing process

12:00-14:00 : For all participants LUNCH AT IRPHE

14:00-14:30 : Boivin

Spray evaporation and combustion in the propulsion context

14:30-15:15 : Meunier/Martinez/Duchemin

The Diffusive Strip Method : principles, results in 2D, generalization to 3D

15:15-15:45 : Dentz

Stochastic deformations in random flows

15:45-16:30 : Almarcha/Guilbert

A new method for the study of chemical reactions in stirred media

16:30-17:00 : Bandopadhyay

Reaction kinetics of stretched mixing fronts for arbitrary Damköhler numbers