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Vendredi 24 juin 2016 / IRPHE

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Séminaire régulier IRPHE

River to ocean continuum modelling : from finite element method to discontinuous Galerkin method

Orateur : Yoann le Bars

Abstract : There is about forty years of experience in ocean basin modelling using finite difference method. However, when it comes to the regional scale modelling, the lack of flexibility of structured grids makes accurate modelling difficult. Especially, this approach is not well suited for modelling interactions between oceans and rivers.

On the contrary, methods based on unstructured grids can finely be adapted to the complex geometries of estuaries. However, some difficulties when implementing the finite element method on parallel architectures lead to introduce successively finite volume, then discontinuous Galerkin methods.

Using the examples of Amazon and Congo rivers, as well as T-UGOm and SLIM models, we will see the application of unstructured grid modelling, especially using the discontinuous Galerkin method, to the river to ocean continuum.

Date et lieu : le Vendredi 24 Juin 2016 à 11h00, salle de séminaire IRPHE