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Mardi 14 juin 2016 / LMA

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Séminaire LMA

Transparent boundary conditions for the wave equation in infinite complex media

Orateur : Sonia Fliss
Maître de Conférences, POems,ENSTAParisTech

Résumé : We are interested in acoustic or elastic wave propagation in time harmonic regime in a two-dimensional medium which is a local perturbation of an infinite anisotropic homogeneous and/or periodic medium. We investigate the question of finding artificial boundary conditions to reduce the numerical computations to a neighborhood of this perturbation. This question is difficult due to the anisotropy and/or the periodicity of the surrounding medium. Our approach consists in coupling several semi-analytical representations of the solution in half-planes surrounding the defect with a FE computation of the solution around the defect. The difficulty is to ensure that all these representations match, in particular in the infinite intersections of the half-planes. It leads to a formulation which couples, via integral operators, the solution in a bounded domain including the defect and its traces on the edge of the half-planes.

Date et lieu  : Le Mardi 14 Juin 2016 à 11h00, amphithéâtre du LMA, Technopôle de Château Gombert.