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Lundi 3 Avril 2017 / IRPHE

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Séminaire exceptionnel IRPHE

Wind-wave interaction in pipes

Orateur : Y. Ayati
Dept of Mechanics, University of Oslo, Norvege

Abstract : We combine PIV, conductance probing and hot-wire anemometry to study air-water flow in pipes. We apply an extended PIV technique, Simultaneous Two-Phase PIV, which allows us to acquire velocity fields in both the gas- and liquid phase simultaneously. The gaseous phase is seeded with small water droplets which are able to trace the flow passively due to their small Stokes number. Amongst the various experimental outcomes is the observation of strong vortical structures which detach downstream of wave crests as the air flows above the wavy interface. Hot-wire turbulence spectra indicate that the turbulent structure of the air flow depends on the interfacial wave pattern.

Date et Lieu : le lundi 3 Avril 2017 à l’IRPHE (salle de séminaires)