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Mardi 26 Septembre 2017 / LMA

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Séminaire LMA

Mathematical models in archaeoacoustics

Orateur : Pablo Padilla

Abstract : This lecture focuses on the need to systematically study acoustical effects in archaeological sites, with special emphasis on those present in the Maya region. We present an overview of the current state of this field and what we consider should constitute a sound methodological framework to approach this task. We begin by summarizing some previous work on prehispanic acoustics in the Maya culture. Later on we analyze a well known effect in Chichen Itza : the quetzal tail and propose a mathematical model. One of the main goals is to argue that, in order to be able to integrate the acoustic dimension in archaeological research, it is necessary to incorporate many aspects besides the strictly archaeological ones : architectonic and engineering considerations, but also physical and mathematical models. In particular, incorporating mathematical models and their numerical implementation can be potentially very useful, since they can provide us with valuable simulations saving time and, in many cases, facilitating testing hypotheses that would be impossible to verify, or at a very high cost.

Date et lieu : le mardi 26 septembre à 11h00, amphi du LMA