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Mardi 19 Septembre 2017/ LMA

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Séminaire LMA

Statistical energy analysis, validity, thermodynamics and entropy

Orateur :Alain Le Bot
Laboratoire de tribologie et dynamique des systèmes, Ecole centrale de Lyon

Abstract : Statistical energy analysis (SEA) is well-known statistical theory of sound and vibration in the field of high frequencies. SEA is founded on an analogy with thermodynamics and is largely inspired from results of statistical mechanics.

In this seminar, we revisit the foundations of SEA and its assumptions. Interpreted in terms of thermodynamics, their examination allows to establish criteria of validity of SEA on some well-chosen dimensionless numbers. These are mode count, modal overlap, normalized attenuation factor, coupling strength.

Classically, the method is limited to the application of the first principle of thermodynamics and the prediction of vibrational energies. We propose to extend SEA by introducing the second principle of thermodynamics and the concept of vibrational entropy. The meaning of entropy in sound and vibration is then discussed and compared with that of thermodynamics.

[Book] "Foundation of statistical energy analysis in vibroacoustics", Alain Le Bot, Oxford University Press, Oxford UK (2015).

Date et lieu : mardi 19 septembre 2017 à 11h00, amphithéâtre du LMA

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