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Jeudi 7 mars 2019 / IUSTI

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Séminaire exceptionnel IUSTI

First-passage time of non-markovian walkers and instability in the actin cortex

Orateur : Nicolas Levernier - Univ. Genève, Suisse

Abstract : My presentation will consist in the presentation of two independent studies. The first one deals with first-passage times (FPT) of non-markovian walkers. How long does it take for a random walker to find a target ? This question appears naturally in many context and at many scales. After a brief summary of existing results, which essentially concern Markovian (meaning memory-less) random walks, I will present the theory we have developed to deal with non-markovian random walks. I will show that, strikingly, the mean first-passage time for such a walk is fully determined by the trajectory of the walker after the FPT. Finally, I will show some application of this theory to known examples, such as the Fractional Brownian Motion. The second part will present recent works of my postdoc, and deals with a simple model of actin cortex. The actin cortex is a thin layer of actin polymers, created on the inner face of the cell membrane, and vital for the cell. I will show that describing the cortex as an extended object (that is, not using thin layer approaches), an interesting instability appear. This instability can lead directly to spatio-temporal chaos in the actin density, a feature that cannot be accounted in effective one-dimensional approaches.

Date et lieu : le jeudi 7 mars à 10h, salle 255, IUSTI.