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Jeudi 4 Juillet 2019 / M2P2

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Séminaire M2P2

Application of scCO2 on material processing and the development of drug delivery systems

Orateur : Vivek Trivedi
Lecturer in Chemistry and Drug Delivery Medway School of Pharmacy / University of Kent

Abstract : Dr Trivedi’s research interests are in the development of drug delivery systems for the oral delivery of protein/peptides and solubility improvement of poorly water-soluble pharmaceuticals. He is interested in developing his understanding of solid-liquid transition of pharmaceutical actives and commonly used excipients in supercritical CO2 to apply this knowledge on the development of drug delivery systems. Examples of his work include ; a platform known as ‘solid core drug delivery system’ for the oral delivery of protein/peptide-based drugs to the intestine, solvent free drug-cyclodextrin complexation, nanoparticle formation, drug adsorption on mesoporous materials and preparation of pharmaceutical salts etc using various aspects of supercritical CO2.

Date et lieu : jeudi 4 juillet à 10h, M2P2, salle de réunion site de l’Arbois.