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Vendredi 29 Novembre 2019 / IUSTI

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Séminaire IUSTI

Propagation of defects by passive and active load in systems with micro-inhomogeneities

Orateur : Nikolay Gorbushin / Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris

Abstract : Microstructure plays important role in material modelling as it brings new insights in understanding of moving defects. Examples include the Peierls stress for dislocations or lattice trapping for cracks which predict the resistance of defect movement in lattices not observed by continuum treatments. Using a bi-stable mass-spring model, it is possible to show that the presence of external vibrational loads can enhance defect propagation. Moreover, if the mechanical system is able to generate active stresses, these defects can move with supersonic speeds without dissipation.

Date et lieu : vendredi 29 novembre 11h en salle 250 à l’IUSTI.