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Vendredi 28 février 2020 / IRPHE

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Séminaire IRPHE

Orientational dynamics of anisotropic particles in convective turbulence

Orateur : Enrico Calzavarini / Unité de Mécanique de Lille (UML) / Polytech Lille

Résumé : The rotational dynamics of small anisotropic material particles, e.g., fibres or disks, in developed turbulent flows has attracted increasing attention in recent years. State-of-the-art experiments as well as numerical simulations have revealed complex behaviours which are inherited from the non-trivial dynamics of small scale turbulence structures. For exemple, the observed dependency of tumbling frequency as a function of the particle shape has been convincingly connected to the preferential alignment of particles with the intrinsic orientations of the fluid velocity gradient tensor in turbulent conditions. However, while the phenomenology of orientations in homogeneous and isotropic turbulent flows has been carefully inspected, less explored remains the case of non-ideal turbulent flows.

In this talk I will present a series of recent results on the anisotropic particle dynamics in a turbulent convective flow, i.e. in a flow environment which is both statistically inhomogeneous and anisotropic. I will also speculate on the relevance of these studies for the modelling of the dynamics of sensing and motile micro-organisms in turbulent environments.

Date et lieu : le vendredi 28 février à 11h00, salle de séminaires IRPHE

Voir en ligne : la page personnelle de l’orateur