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Mardi 3 novembre 2020 / LMA

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Séminire (en VISIO) LMA

Robust growth termination through local mechanical feedback in the Drosophila wing disc

Orateur : Alexander Erlich, post-doctorant au LiPhy (Grenoble)

Résumé : How does a cell in an organ know the overall size of the organ ? It is thought that the Drosophila wing disc grows to the right size because its cells respond to both signalling proteins (morphogens) and mechanical stress. In this talk I will demonstrate that size regulation can be achieved if cells respond exclusively to stress with an anisotropic growth response. To test this, I propose a continuum model which assumes the spatial uniformity of cell proliferation in the wing disc and predicts compression in the disc center, tension in its periphery, and a sigmoidal evolution of the disc size, all of which have been observed in experiments. I further show that the addition of a basal growth term is necessary for the wing disc to always reach the same size. Contrary to the current paradigm, the results suggest that local mechanical feedback is the primary mechanism in regulating the final disc size.

Date et lieu : le 3 novembre 2020 à 11h00 en VISIO

Pendant cette période de retour progressif au travail en présentiel, le LMA continue sa série de séminaires en visioconférence.

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