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Mardi 8 Mars 2022 / LMA

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Séminaire LMA

Zooming in the Contact Interface : Roughness, Contact, and Transport of Heat and Mass

Orateur : Vladislav Yastrebov / Centre des Matériaux, MINES ParisTech

Abstract : Because of the roughness (inevitably present in most natural and engineering surfaces), when being brought in contact, solids touch over multitude of separate ”islands” forming the true contact area, which in general is considerably smaller than the nominal contact area. The true contact area strongly affects almost all facets of interfacial physics such as stress state, friction, adhesion, wear, and also transport of energy across and transport of mass along the interface. Using advanced numerical simulations, we study how the contact area grows under increasing pressure for different material and roughness parameters [1,2]. In this context, we will discuss some details of generation of synthetic fractal surfaces, their characterization and the interplay of parameters : root mean squared height and slope, Nayak’s parameter, Gaussianity, cutoff wavelengths and fractal dimension. Notably, we will demonstrate the effect of higher spectral moments of the roughness on the evolution of the contact area, which were missed in previous studies.
In the second part, we will discuss the viscous fluid flow in contact interfaces within a one-way (weak) coupling formulation and also within a recently constructed monolithic finite element framework for strong coupling between fluid and solid mechanics in contact interfaces [3].
Notably, the effect of fluid entrapment in contact pockets will be discussed [4]. Self-consistent homogenization techniques and drawbacks of the simple geometrical overlap models for gap-field estimation will be discussed. Finally, first results on the thermomechanical coupling in rough contact interfaces will be presented.
- [1] V.A. Yastrebov, G. Anciaux, J.F. Molinari, From infinitesimal to full contact between rough surfaces : evolution of the contact area, Int. J. Solids Struct., 52:83-102 (2015)
- [2] V.A. Yastrebov, G. Anciaux, J.F Molinari, The role of the roughness spectral breadth in elastic contact of rough surfaces, J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 107:469-493 (2017)
- [3] A.G. Shvarts, J. Vignollet, V.A. Yastrebov. ”Computational framework for monolithic coupling for thin fluid flow in contact interfaces”. Comp. Meth. App. Mech. Eng., 379:113738 (2021)
- [4] A.G. Shvarts, V.A. Yastrebov. ”Trapped fluid in contact interface”. J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 119:140-162 (2018).

Date et lieu : le 8 mars 2022 à 11h00, Amphithéâtre François Canac, LMA

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