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Vendredi 25 Mars 2022 / M2P2

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Séminaire exceptionnel M2P2

About RANS (and hybrid RANS-LES) k — νt turbulence models : recent advance based on databases and an analytic theory

Orateur : Pr. Emmanuel Plaut / Université de Lorraine - Mines Nancy / Lemta

Abstract : The classical RANS turbulence models for CFD are, for the ones most used in engineering studies, eddy- viscosity models like the k − e or k − ω models. However, these models have flaws, not only regarding the eddy-viscosity assumption. Based on the channel flow DNS database of Lee & Moser 2015, I will confirm for both models the relevance of the k equation but also the flaws of the highly heuristical e or ω equations, and display "wall damping problems".
I will also advocate the νt model of Spalart & Allmaras, and the k − νt models of Menter et al. Interestingly, these latter models, also named ‘Scale - Adaptive’ (SA), are claimed to be "instability sensitive", in that they may run in hybrid RANS-LES mode. I will then present briefly the high Reynolds number analytic theory of Stefan Heinz 2019 for some mean fields of "turbulent wall flows" : zero - pressure gradient boundary layer, channel and pipe flows.

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Séminaire en mode mixte à 10h00 :
- en présentiel : salle 233-235 Labus de l’Ecole Centrale
- en visioconférence Teams