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Interfacial Phenomena and Heat-Mass-Transfer (IPHMT22) / 3 - 7 July 2022 ; Marseille

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Interfacial Phenomena and Heat-Mass-Transfer (IPHMT22) / 3 - 7 July 2022 ; Marseille

Événement co-organisé par les membres des Axes de Recherches : Combustion, Risques et Génie Civil & Écoulements Compressibles, Ondes de Choc et Interfaces IUSTI

Objective : The Conference is intended to provide a platform for researchers to exchange information and identify research needs in the interdisciplinary, rapidly developing research area of interfacial phenomena encompassing several disciplines including chemical and mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. This Conference is an excellent opportunity to create the synergy between fundamental and applied aspects in this field where numerous developments are expected. The Conference has to be a kind of “brain storming” and has to lead to the better understanding of several limited and very important research areas.

Topics for discussions will include five scientific directions :

  • Phase change phenomena, boiling, condensation, evaporation, phase change in confined space, two-phase flows, micro channel
  • Interfacial phenomena. Nonequilibrium effects on the gas- liquid and liquid- solid interfaces
  • Nano- and micro- structured surfaces for enhancement of phase change phenomena, wettability
  • Contact line phenomena, nucleation, droplets, bubbles, sprays, dry spots formation, entrainment, critical heat flux
  • Interfacial phenomena in biology, chemical reactions

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