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Vendredi 21 octobre 2022 / IRPHE

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Séminaire IRPHE

Elastic capsules impacting a rigid wall : bursting prediction and dynamic rheometry

Orateur : Étienne Jambon Puillet / Post-doc ETH Zurich

Abstract : From water balloons to cells, eggs and various organs, thin elastic shells enclosing liquid cores, or capsules, are ubiquitous. Upon impact with an obstacle, these capsules can deform and eventually burst which catastrophically releases their content. Using model experiments, we investigate the deformation of elastic capsules colliding with a rigid wall at high speed and disentangle the intricate effect of elasticity and viscosity. In a first part, I will leverage an analogy with drop impact to understand the deformations of low viscosity elastic capsules and find a criterion to predict bursting. In a second part, I will use capsule impacts to probe the dynamic mechanical response of discontinuous shear thickening fluids at extreme shear rates and reveal an apparent lag in thickening.

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Date et lieu : le vendredi 21 octobre, 11h00, salle de séminaire IRPHE

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