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Vendredi 10 Mars 2023 /IRPHE

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Séminaire IRPHE

How active flows can shape tissues and organs

Orateur : Simon Gsell / IRPHÉ

Abstract : During the development of organs and embryos, cells need to self-organize across scales to achieve functional collective organization at the tissue level. This occurs through a complex interplay between cell differentiation, cell motion and cell division. How are these mechanisms coordinated to allow reproducible development ? Tissue hydrodynamics, resulting from cell-cell interactions and collective cell motion, is a key aspect of the question that remains to be fully understood. In this talk, I will present our recent attempt to analyze and model active tissue flows contributing to the morphogenesis of embryonic organoids. These stem-cell aggregates self-organize into embryo-like structures in a purely in-vitro framework, allowing for quantitative and physical approaches to morphogenesis. While the patterning of key developmental proteins is often thought to rely only on molecular processes, we show that spontaneous tissue flows also contribute to the bio-chemical symmetry breaking of those organoids. We then propose a mode decomposition procedure to determine the dominant structures of these flows across different experimental samples. The resulting dominant mode exhibits a recirculation pattern. This flow pattern is well predicted by our computational model based on a fluid description of the tissue. Finally, I will present several research perspectives on the role of active flows during tissue morphogenesis.

Date et lieu : le vendredi 10 mars à 11hàà, salle de séminaires IRPHE

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